Tub & Tile

Refinishing a Procelain Tub and Ceramic Tile

1970's Bathtub

Refinishing a Procelain Tub and NOT Ceramic Tile.

Faux Granite Custom Counter

Adding a faux granite custom counter finish to a wooden counter top

One Piece Counter/Sink

Bringing One piece counter/Sink to life

Bathtab Shower & Sink

A full Bathroom Remodel

Tile And Rescuse

Bringing a Tub with tile Back to life

Stripping a Bathtub

Stripping,Cleaning and Coating a tub

Fiberglass Shower & Tub

Repairing, Stripping and Refinishing a Fiberglass Shower/Tub

Fiberglass Shower & Tub#2

Repairing, Stripping and Refinishing a Fiberglass Shower/Tub

Procelain Tub

Stripping and Refinishing a Procelain Shower/Tub

Ceramic Tile Procelain Tub Makeover

Making short work of Ceramic Tile Procelain Tub

Tub & Tile Combo

Yet Another Tub & Tile Combo

Full Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel

Refinishing Counter Tops, Tub & Shower

This is but a small sample of the thousands of jobs completed by Over The Top Refinishing. This in no way fully represents the wide range of possibilities available to you. It's merely a smattering of what previous customers wanted. 

So if you see something you love, great! But if you see something, like a color or finish that you wouldn't dream of having in your home or establishment, just remember that at Over The Top Refinishing: The Customer is Always Right.